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SFX/MetaLib Discuss-L

SFX/MetaLib is an unmoderated list hosted by the University of Notre Dame, whose purpose will be to provide a forum for discussion of topics relating to SFX and Metalib by all users of these products. Subscription is open to library staff at all sites worldwide that currently use either product, as well as to staff at sites using other Ex Libris products (e.g., Aleph500), and to employees of Ex Libris and/or its affiliates and resellers.

sfx-metalib-discuss-l is archived at the following address:
[Please note that you must be a current list subscriber to access these archives.]

If you would like to subscribe to the new SFX/MetaLib SIG list, please send a message to :

Leave the subject line blank and do not include your signature file.
In the message portion of your email, type :

subscribe (your name)

Example :

subscribe Barney Rubble

Kindly note that while the the list is unmoderated, subscription *is* limited to the following :



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